Live game broadcasting

Started in early 2013, live game broadcasting is a relatively new market in China. YY was one of the very first companies offering this service and has become the market leader soon after.

In live game broadcasting, users use YY’s broadcasting software to capture and stream the playthroughs during the course of the online game play. Professional game teams or commentators can sometimes attract millions of followers. Viewers or followers can watch the live streaming for free, but with the option of purchasing various virtual items and giving them to the commentators to show their support and appreciation. We generate revenues by taking a share of the selling of the virtual items.

Live game broadcasting

In order to establish a strong brand to compete in this competitive market, we rebranded our live game broadcasting to Huya broadcasting in November 2014, offering services through the dedicated web portal As an integral part of our product offerings on the YY platform, we plan to continue to invest in developing new features and enhancing user experience in this area to strengthen our market-leading position.

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