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Company Profile

What is YY?

YY is a revolutionary rich communication social platform that engages users in real-time online group activities through voice, text and video. With the capacity to support over one million participants concurrently, our platform allows users to create and organize groups of varying sizes to discover and participate in a wide range of online group activities, such as karaoke, online games, game broadcasting, online dating, E-learning covering language, finance, programming, and other subjects, live shows and conference calls. YY is the one of the only platforms that delivers high-quality voice and video, which offer users a large scale community for social interactions and activities, the ability to pursue diverse interests and opportunities for self-expression and achievement, and a high quality user experience. According to iResearch, YY had an 87% market share in the real-time online group voice communications market in China in terms of user time spent in 2013.


YY Platform consists of YY Client, the and web portals, Mobile YY and Web-based YY.

YY Client, launched in China in July 2008, is our personal computer, or PC-based user software that provides real-time access to online activities groups, which we refer to as channels. is our online portal and guide to channels, events and content available across our platform. is a dedicated game media website that provides comprehensive information on online games and other resources for users and online game players.

Mobile YY is a version of YY Client that can be accessed through mobile devices that we launched in September 2010. Mobile YY contains the basic functions and services offered on our regular YY Client. Its existing key functions include real-time multi-media messages with delivery status, access to thousands of user-created entertainment channels with numerous entertainment options, and the ability to enter group voice or video-enabled channels.

WeiChang is another mobile application we introduced in October 2012. It is designed to allowing users to sing online through their mobile devices. WeiChang is essentially a mobile karaoke application that provides high-quality musical accompaniment, real-time lyrics display and allows users to evaluate and rank each other’s performances.

Web-based YY is an extension of YY Client which makes YY available to a larger audience because it does not require downloads or installations and can be accessed solely using a web browser. It is launched in September 2012 and contains most of the important features as our existing YY Client other than video functionalities which we expect to launch later in the fourth quarter of 2012.

YY Facts

  • 773.4 million registered users accounts as of June 30, 2014

  • Over 100 million Monthly Active Users as of the second quarter 2014

  • On average, each active user spent 49+ hours on YY Client as of June 30, 2014

  • 521.0 billion voice minutes spent on YY Client in the first nine months of 2013 ¹

¹ "Voice minute" means a minute in which the user is using our voice- and video-enabled services, such as listening to or talking on YY channels.